Vehicle Re-Keying

Call the experts in rekeying services for vehicles—B & B Locksmiths, serving Katy and Metro Houston. We provide high-quality rekeying services that are fast, effective and affordable. While we also provide a key replacement, in certain situations, re-keying your vehicle may make more sense. If you have a question about rekeying services, talk to the professionals at B & B Locksmiths for advice on the benefits of rekeying versus key replacement. A member of our trusted team of locksmiths will help you find the right solution for your vehicle. Call us today.

When You Should Re-Key Your Vehicles

Typically when keys are lost, jammed or broken in vehicle locks or the ignition, keys simply can be re-cut and replaced to fit the existing lock and ignition switch. There are other circumstances, however, when re-keying a vehicle makes more sense, such as:

  • Locks damage in an automobile accident. During an automobile accident or collision, doors and their locks can be damaged beyond repair. When doors are replaced, new locks are installed. The ignition is rekeyed to match the door lock.
  • Vandalism of vehicle. Significant vandalism of a vehicle involving damage to the locks and ignition may require re-keying the vehicle.
  • Auto theft. Similarly, if a vehicle has been stolen and recovered, there likely will be damage to the vehicle and possibly to the locks and ignition switch.
  • A lapse in security of the vehicle. If you suspect a vehicle key may have been copied without your permission, it may be prudent to re-key the vehicle for your security and for theft prevention.

Contact the experts in re-keying cars, trucks and motorcycles. Our experienced locksmiths use a procedure to change the tumblers in the lock mechanism so that a new key will work and the old keys will not. Our re-keying technicians will replace automotive lock pins and change tumbler, wafer and other configurations of the locking mechanism to accept a new key. Technicians will verify the security of the newly re-keyed lock by testing it.

Experts in Re-Keying for Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

When you decide to rekey your car, truck or motorcycle, get in touch with the leaders in vehicle re-keying—B & B Locksmiths, serving Katy and Metro Houston. We will re-key your vehicle fast, effectively and affordably. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured automobile key replacement and locksmith service provider that you can depend on any time of the day or night. We guarantee all of our auto rekeying and locksmith services. Call us today!
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