Commercial Lock Changeout / Re-Keying

Lock changeout and re-keying is important to the security of your business, and our team is ready to help you achieve it. The first step is to call our team to discuss your security needs and how we can tailor lock changeout and re-keying to achieve your security objectives. We have performed successful lock changeout and re-keying for hundreds of business throughout Katy and Metro Houston, Texas. Changing locks and master re-keying will make your business safer and less prone to risks. Call B & B Locksmiths for expert lock changeout and re-keying services. We can show you options for lock changeout and re-keying to make your business more secure and better able to serve your customers and provide a safe environment for your employees.

Quick, Easy and Affordable Lock Changeout and Re-Keying Services

Changing locks and master re-keying is an important security measure in many situations for your business. Our master locksmiths can rekey a lock by fine tuning the tumbler mechanisms in a lock. Master keying your locks involves establishing a main key and secondary keys to open the same lock. We can set up a system of separate keys for certain locks that can be accessed by a master key. Let us know how you would like your master key setup to be, including access to specific zones and areas within your business. We can establish any master key scenario that will provide maximum convenience and security for your commercial operation.  

Our highly experienced commercial locksmiths can perform lock change outs on your existing locks and rekey all the locks. Whether you need lock changeout and re-keying for a new tenant or require old locks to be changed out and re-keyed after a number of years, our locksmith team is ready to respond. B & B Locksmiths provide the most-effective lock changeout and re-keying services in the business. Talk to one of our locksmiths about your requirements today.

Call the Leaders in Lock Changeout and Re-Keying

Our objective is to provide quick, effective and affordable commercial lock changeout and rekeying services for your business. We have been changing locks and re-keying business since 1988, and have built a solid reputation as the commercial locksmith leader for Katy and Metro Houston. We are ready to discuss your lock changeout and re-keying requirements today!
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