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You can bet that most Texans own a gun and most own gun safes. However, not everyone in Texas does and sadly we read the grim news when a child has found a gun with an unfortunate ending that could have been prevented. Gun safes are ideal to store your gun or many guns. If you own a gun or have a collection of guns for your shooting hobbies it is wise to keep them locked up protected in a safe. Gun safes are fortified containers created to store objects such as guns and keep them safe from kids, fire, and burglary.

gun safes Gun Safes Prevent Children from Discovering Firearms

A gun safe can save a life when used correctly. That seems unusual to say but it does prevent gun accidents. Every year firearms cause many accidental deaths and injuries. Unsafe storage of guns and other firearms are to blame. You never think it could happen but a loaded unlocked firearm is a horrible idea with potential deadly ramifications if discovered by a child. When gun safes are used correctly it can prevent accidental deaths. At B&B Locksmiths, we want you to protect your gun and other valuable. We offer many popular models of guns safes and vaults too!

gun safes protect children from deadly accidentsThings to Consider when Buying Gun Safes

Weight- Wall safe, foundation safe, or a heavy stand up safe

Dimensions- To fit your particular gun(s)

Protection – Security standards and ratings

Type of Lock- Electronic or conventional

Cost – Prices vary depending on manufacturer

Fire Rating – What temperatures can it withstand before unit failure


4 Benefits of a Gun Safe

Getting a gun safe is an important part of owning a gun. Whether the owner likes to visit the shooting range or prefers to own a gun for personal safety, owning a gun safe should be on the top of the priority list of every gun owner. Today we’ll explore the benefits of owning a gun safe, how it can keep you and your family safe, and more.


  1. Eliminates the chance of accidental gun use.

A gun safe allows you as the gun owner to directly limit who has access to the firearm. This is especially important for gun owners who are part of a family, namely those with children. It locks away the firearm to prevent a young child from accidentally finding and handling the weapon.

  1. Offers security on the go.

Depending on the size and weight of the gun safe you own, you can take it from place to place. This is especially important for gun owners who are changing homes but don’t want to leave their firearm out in the open or make it accidentally accessible by home movers.

  1. Can be used to store other valuables.

Just because it’s called a “gun safe” doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other valuables. From jewelry to art pieces, a gun safe can be used to store other belongings that you don’t want to lose or get stolen.

  1. Reduces the chance of theft.

Sport Enthusiasts and Gun Collectors Use Gun Safes

gun safes guns collection Texans are passionate about their guns. Some have them for protection, building collections, hunting, trading at gun shows and sports hobbies. Whatever the reason, remember as a gun owner you need to be responsible and prevent access from untrained people and children. Pick the gun safe that best fits your lifestyle and the safety of others.

When you have your guns or belongings in a gun safe, you’ll drastically reduce the chance of the items inside from being stolen. Most thieves won’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to crack a safe.

Inquire about gun safes today from B&B Locksmiths! All of our gun safe technicians are fully insured, licensed and bonded for your protection. Give us a call today and let us know what you need and we’ll help you pick the perfect size and type of safe.  If you need a Katy locksmith call us today!

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